kay-ceee-uh said: waaait whats your snapchat?

Lol maxross, it’s either my adventure, my friends smoking weed, or me annoying my friends/coworkers with my phone

Anonymous said: your snapchat stories are so cool. since I'm not old enough to like drive and go on all those adventures myself, I love watching your stories bc I feel like i can kinda experience those really cool experiences from your point of view, like kind of live the experience through your videos. idk its just cool to see your adventures and see how you produce the amazing pictures that you post. :)

Wow haha this is awesome, thank you so much. Appreciate it.

chris-aa15 said: Dude how i can reblog your tumblr header? it so rad


Anonymous said: you know that car on fire in ur snapchat? on the side of the 5? that's where the big crash happened. 4 teens from irvine died right there. just letting u know. it's scary to think you were right by it

thank you for letting me know what happened, i honestly dont know how to take this…it just makes me wonder if i would of been able to help. besides just calling 911…this might haunt me.

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Burning Man, 2014.
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Mexico 2014
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Milky Way Over Mt. Bachelor - Mitch Darby
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