Anonymous said: Omg I knew you worked at hobie I totally saw you!

Hahaha you should say something next time, my coworkers love that shit

Wednesday with 267 notes / reblog

Hanging off the edge today in Los Angeles was fun.
Anonymous said: 37


Anonymous said: 6

hahaha ive gotten 16 or 17 a lot, but someone told me 22 last night so….people be trippin

Anonymous said: Where do you work ?

hobie surf & sport

Anonymous said: 27

dont really like anoyone right now

Anonymous said: 34

self confidence, humor, good style, and an asssss

Anonymous said: 43

emily ratajkowski

Anonymous said: 1


0: Height
1: Virgin?
2: Shoe size
3: Do you smoke?
4: Do you drink?
5: Do you take drugs?
6: Age you get mistaken for
7: Have tattoos?
8: Want any tattoos?
9: Got any piercings?
10: Want any piercings?
11: Best friend?
12: Relationship status
13: Biggest turn ons
14: Biggest turn offs
15: Favorite movie
16: I’ll love you if
17: Someone you miss
18: Most traumatic experience
19: A fact about your personality
20: What I hate most about myself
21: What I love most about myself
22: What I want to be when I get older
23: My relationship with my sibling(s)
24: My relationship with my parent(s)
25: My idea of a perfect date
26: My biggest pet peeves
27: A description of the girl/boy I like
28: A description of the person I dislike the most
29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend
30: What I hate the most about work/school
31: What your last text message says
32: What words upset me the most
33: What words make me feel the best about myself
34: What I find attractive in women
35: What I find attractive in men
36: Where I would like to live
37: One of my insecurities
38: My childhood career choice
39: My favorite ice cream flavor
40: Who wish I could be
41: Where I want to be right now
42: The last thing I ate
43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately
44: A random fact about anything
45. Selfie
indigo-joints said: You crazy and adventurous and I love your blog/Instagram.

Thank you

wonderingsinner said: Hey man


badgirlglynn said: I thought we were friends

Sorry I don’t know you haha

Anonymous said: SUCK MY ASS

What’s up nino

Anonymous said: I wish we could be friends and do awesome shit together because you seem really rad. I'm an East Coast gal though :(

Feel free to message me privately